nocturne op 9 no 2.

I’m home in the city. Chopin in the background. The quiet grates on my nerves. I realize it may have been smarter to head to my Grandmother’s home earlier than to stay here and ruminate over Alex. If it weren’t for the sudden thunder, I’d have gone for a jog this afternoon. It’s painfully clear that I need to clear my head.  Continue reading


Today officially kicked off the beginning of my week off from class- my Spring Break. But seeing as how we, my classmates and I, are responsible motivated future MDs, we had to forfeit a couple days of vacation. I have class both this upcoming Monday and Tuesday. The topics we have to cover require us to put in a little more time at the hospital. I suppose I ought to be furious. I had actually been counting down to this week. A much needed respite from what’s been a grueling semester. I’m not angry however… I can’t feel anger. I am, shockingly, thankfully quite content. It’s all because of Alex. Continue reading