I look around and can’t believe I am smack dab in the year 2015.

I graduate this year. Next week I will fly back to Mexico, return to campus and kick off the last of 10 semesters of medical school. Come June I will (knock on wood) be dancing the night away in a fancy hall for my graduation party. I will look smashing in some amazing, fabulous formal gown, not a hair out of place, expertly applied war paint (read: make up) and I will celebrate. And then, if I am really lucky, in August I will complete the last the last installment of my Masters in psychotherapy and I can celebrate again. Continue reading

Coco today.

I read back upon the last post with a bit of disbelief. The story with Alex was left without a conclusion, to be sure. But frankly, I don’t wish to stroll down memory lane. I’m in such a different place right now, I recoil at the thought of falling back in any way shape or form.

I’m currently in the middle of my ninth semester (of ten) of medical school. Incredibly I haven’t really suffered what’s considered to be one of the roughest semesters of the program. I’m different now; I have changed so much so that anytime I take full stock of me, this me, I have to grin in amazement. This a great version of me. Continue reading